About me

Hello, my name is Karlo and I’m a destination wedding videographer.

In my free time I love to discover new places and hang out with old friends. Feel the spirit of the past and enjoy modern design. To inhale fresh air on top of a mountain and eat a piece of dark chocolate every day. My most precious belongings include a twisted racket, a bicycle, a blue tea cup and photobooks. Okay, maybe not in that order.

Me with the photobooks

How do I work

I experience the world around me visually. I watch it through a frame inside of which I collect emotions that will be there for you to re-live again and again. The best frames are the ones in which you are yourselves: relaxed and natural. I try really hard to be invisible and if you forget the fact that I am filming you, I will consider myself successful.

The short form I prefer as it allows feelings to be intensified. The most important moments that you will experience on the most important days of your life can be told in five minutes, to be watched over and over, infinitely, and though life and circumstances around you will change, your story will touch your heart every time. When reminiscing your big day, not every spoken word and dance move will matter. The ones that you will remember are those where all the feelings are summarised. You can be sure that when these moments happen, I will be right there without you even noticing me.

No matter what I do in life, my motto and my guiding principle are almost always the same: less is more. But let me not talk too much. Let the work speak for itself, and intuition and inspiration guide us...

Deiana and Bogdan

The package

After a long period of thinking and planning, finally a small personalized box has been completed. It is designed to fit on every shelf, to be used as a decoration, and most importantly, to remind you of the most important day of your lives.

Each box has been hand-cut and glued. It contains an animated flipbook in which you can see one frame from your wedding, 15 different postcards with QR codes on the back with the link to your video, and of course, a small case with the flash drive.

Personalized box