I try to subtly capture the instances in which you are at your most genuine, as well as all the small details, sincere touches, expressions and movements you may not even be aware of!
These unique, and therefore perfect moments I like to call Pi.

You’ll want to relive it.
So let every — however tiny detail —
be captured.

You’ll want to relive it. So let every — however tiny detail — be captured.

They kindly said about me

“When we talked about what kind of wedding video we would like, we knew we wanted spontaneity, simplicity and creatively caught moments that will be able to take us back to that special day. Karlo managed to express all of our emotions and the good atmosphere through the short video, and he did it through a non-intrusive approach and perfectly edited frames. Karlo is a guy who will get to know you, he will observe you and guess exactly what you wish for.”

Tanja and Filip

“The video that Karlo had made us is one of the most cherished mementos we have of our wedding, as it shows us and our emotions so vividly, and our special day exactly the way we had lived it…

Karlo has talent in recognising the story and all of its important moments, as well as a special kind of sensibility for finding beauty in simple things. The one thing he requests of you is for you to “be yourselves” and just to enjoy the love that had brought you to your wedding day in the first place!

Because every story is unique, Karlo will capture yours in a real and candid way, and that’s exactly where the beauty of his work lies… Finally, everything will end with a spectacular video that touches the heart, and a new friendship to boot! 🙂

We highly recommend him!”

Elena and Tomislav

“They say that the person you choose for this should be thanking you, and that all sounds quite reasonable until you meet Karlo. That’s when you want to be the one giving thanks! Over and over again.

….so, thank you for a video that is exactly what we had in mind, thank you for telling this story and making sure it will put smiles on our faces for the rest of our lives, thank you for making us feel as if we’ve known each other for years, for being part of Us, for being a friend…

Thank you for everything, we hope you’ll be making many more couples as happy as you’ve made us, because you deserve it!”

Anabella and Michel